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Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 Introduces What’s New With Space Battles


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Bandai Namco showed off more of Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2’s new Space Battles in last week’s Famitsu, as well as several of the mobile suits that will be featured in the upcoming free-to-play sequel.


Space Battles:

One of the biggest new additions to the game are Space Battles, in which you can actually ascend and descend apart from moving in four directions. This means that players will need to keep aware of sudden incoming attacks from all directions, including from above or below.


One other thing of major note is that in Ground Battles, receiving leg damage will decrease your mobile suit’s mobility. In Space Battles, players need to be careful of attacks to the back thrusters, which will damage your mobility in the same way. In contrast, attacks to your suit’s legs are much less important.


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A new Ground Battle stage was also shown off, called “Harbour Base”. It will have lots of open space for skirmishes on land, in the air, as well as in the ocean. The buildings in the base are of different heights, which means they can easily block your range or vision. A long-distance sniping type mobile suit would be a great asset to your team on a stage like this.


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Finally, Famitsu showed off some of the appearing suits, which include the Gundam Ground Type, Zaku Tank, Gelgoog Early Mass Production Type, GM Sniper, Dom Tropen, and Powered GM.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 is coming out for PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2018.

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