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Moero Chronicle H Gives People Worldwide A More Definitive Experience



Moero Chronicle isn’t a new title. The series to which it belongs made its debut worldwide with Monster Monpiece on the PlayStation Vita. However, this second entry in Genkai Tokki had a bit of a history. Its PlayStation Vita debut was only available in Japan and Asia, with the Asian release having an English translation. It eventually appeared worldwide, but only on PCs. Moero Chronicle H is the first time the world is getting to play it the way it was intended, portable and on a device with a touchscreen, and it seems like it is taking advantage of the rerelease and Nintendo Switch hardware.


For those entirely new to Moero Chronicle H, it is a first-person dungeon-crawler with turn-based battles that can feel similar to games like Dungeon Travelers 2, Class of Heroes, Etrian Odyssey, and Wizardry. However, instead of creating custom characters, players are recruiting Monster Girls. All of the Monster Girls have been corrupted somehow, which is making them hostile to humans. People who go to investigate the incident never return. Io, the game’s hero, is forced to be the latest investigator and is accompanied by his childhood friend (and Monster Girl) Lilia. The two head into dungeons, encountering other Monster Girls and saving them by removing their corruption with the Bumping Scratch system. (This means touching and rubbing specific points on their bodies before time runs out.) Purified heroines join your part. You can then build relationships with them, give them swimsuits/underwear that change their classes, and add them to your five-person party so you can save the world.




With Moero Chronicle H, it seems like effort has gone into the release to better acknowledge what the game is and how to improve the general quality of life for people who want to play it. For example, it is not exactly the most difficult JRPG on the easy or normal difficulty levels. (Hard and expert options are also available.) Especially since defeated H Monsters will occasionally join you after a battle and can be assigned to Monster Girls as Pets, providing various positive effects in fights. This version seems to acknowledge that okay, people probably aren’t here for the battling and dungeon-crawling.


Not that those elements are bad. Some characters are really great at fulfilling specific roles, and on higher difficulties or in the end-game, it can be quite challenging. But, some people might not be here for that. Even if someone does want more of a challenge, retreading certain areas may be tedious. The auto-pilot that lets you bring up the map, select a point you have been to already, and let the game take you there. It also lets you collect Super Boost and H-Secret items to make the characters even stronger, eliminating your odds of falling to normal hazards in the campaign.


It also acknowledges that yes, the Bumping Scratch system is probably why most people are here for Moero Chronicle H. Part of that has to do with this being an HD remaster. The art for the characters does stand out and is very crisp. All of the art and CGs are present. It is designed to be one of the clearest versions of the game. The translation also seems like it has been improved quite a bit since back in the PlayStation Vita Asian English release, which should make it easier to enjoy.




But more helpful might be the way Moero Chronicle H uses the Joy-Con HD Rumble functionality. When playing the game in handheld mode, it might be difficult to exactly determine which area is causing the gauge to increase when purifying a character or engaging in the minigame at the Inn. If you have he vibration function turned on, the rumble will kick in when you tap the correct spots. This helps you make sure that you are performing the correct actions, making it easier to complete the recruitment process or increase the bond with the Monster Girl.


For people interested in Moero Chronicle, Moero Chronicle H seems like it could be the best way to play it. It has the game that first appeared on the PlayStation Vita years ago, with clear visuals, dialogue that is easy to follow, and quality of life adjustments. People who want an easier dungeon-crawling experience can rely on new items and an auto-pilot function to help them find their way around. People who are picking it up for the Bumping Scratch system will be able to play it with a touchscreen and use the vibration feature to help figure out how to succeed in the minigame. It seems like it has everything a fan of this line of games could want.


Moero Chronicle H will come to the Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe on April 26, 2019. It is immediately available in Japan.

Jenni Lada
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