Monster Hunter Dragalia Lost Crossover Will Bring Rathalos in January 2020


The Dragalia Lost countdown ended, and it revealed the next crossover event, lots of freebies, the New Year’s event, new shop items, and The Agito Uprising. The most exciting part was undoubtedly the reveal of the Monster Hunter Dragalia Lost crossover.

This Monster Hunter Dragalia Lost event will be held at the end of January 2020. Details about it were scarce, but one familiar face will show up. Rathalos is on the way! People who participate will be able to acquire this new dragon.

This is the second Cygames and Capcom collaboration for the game. The Dragalia Lost Mega Man event was held in November 2019. It allowed people to recruit Mega Man as a playable party member for participating in the event, and you could also get weapons for your characters that functioned like his buster gun.

In addition to the Monster Hunter collaboration reveal, a number of other special events, additions, and giveaways were detailed. The Agito Uprising Volk’s Wrath event will begin on December 25, 2019. It will be an extremely challenging fight and let people face Volk. Defeating him gives you materials that can be used to forge six-star weapons. Cleo’s A Sweeping Retrospective will be held December 25th-30th, giving people a chance to earn items like lucky letters and stickers for completing quests. The lucky letters are given out here and for logging in. You can use these during a December 31th through January 13th raffle period to get rewards, and collecting 10 means at least one will have a fourth tier reward or higher.

There will also be a sixth mana circle, known as a mana spiral, for Alain, Aoi, Aurien, Botan, Cassandra, Euden, Ezelith, Joe, Karl, Naveed, Renelle, and Xania on December 25th. The Prize Showcase summon, which gives an item as a bonus prize, will run from December 25th-30th too. (Tenfold Summons will give at least a bronze prize.)

dragalia lost prize showcase 1

The 2020 New Year’s event will be called New Year’s Tidings: A Clawful Caper. The new confirmed adventurers are Chitose, Hanabusa, Nobunaga, and Mitsuhide. The new dragon is Daikokuten. It will be accompanied by a Platinum Showcases. One will guarantee you a five star adventurer, while the other will guarantee you a five-star dragon. Both will run December 30th through January 13th and allow you to pull three times on them.

As for the giveaways, people will have multiple free Dragalia Lost items to collect as the year ends. Between December 25th and January 2nd, people can perform one free tenfold summon each day. Notte also is sending out a Dragonyule present of 500 Wyrmite, 30,000 Eldwater, and three Champion’s Testaments to all players. Then, starting on December 31st through January 22nd, there will be a New Year’s Special Bonus login event. This gives you a Tenfold Summon Voucher on day one, 10 Exquisite Honey on day two, ten Blessed Ethon Ashes on day three, 400 Wyrmite on day four, 10 Exquisite Honey on day five, two Champion’s Testaments on day six, 400 Wyrmite on day seven, 10 Blessed Ethon Ashes on day eight, 400 Wyrmite on day nine, and a final Tenfold Summon Voucher on day ten.

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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