Monster Hunter Felynes Will Appear on Hyogo Police’s Safety Campaign

Monster Hunter Felynes in Hyogo Police safety campaign

The Felynes from Capcom’s Monster Hunter series will appear in a new set of merchandise promoting public safety in one of Japan’s prefectures. Capcom has published a new press release announcing a collaboration campaign with the Hyogo Prefectural Police to promote crime prevention and public safety with characters from the former’s game franchise.

The collaboration items will include coloring sheets, reflective keyholders, and towels. While all of them primarily feature Felynes, the pig-like Poogies will also appear on some of the merchandise. The items will include messages about protecting children from crimes. Capcom and the Hyogo Police will distribute the items at an event in Marine Pia Kobe on October 8, 2022.

Felyne is a cat-like creature in the Monster Hunter universe. In Japan, it is better known as Airou. When it accompanies a hunter in the game series, it becomes known as a Palico. Felynes have appeared since the inaugural Monster Hunter entry on the PS2 in 2004, but the companion Palicoes started showing up in the 2008 PSP entry, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The series’ most recent iteration as of this writing, Monster Hunter Rise, had a notable addition of the dog-like Canyne that can also become an alternative companion as a Palamute.

The Felynes also had their own spin-off series, titled MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Airou Mura (Monster Hunter Diary: Warm Felyne Village). The original game appeared on PlayStation Portable in August 2010, and its enhanced G edition came out roughly one year after. A DX port for Nintendo Switch also appeared in September 2015. From Software developed all of the series entries, and Capcom released them exclusively in Japan.

The Hyogo Police’s inclusion of Monster Hunter Felynes adds a new entry to Capcom’s list of collaborations with Japan’s official institutions. One of the most notable instances appeared in late 2021 when the Osaka Prefectural Police used The Great Ace Attorney characters in campaign posters to deter Japanese juveniles from abusing marijuana.

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