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Monster Hunter Frontier’s "GG" Stands For Great Graphics



GG? Good Game? Nope. If looks are anything to go by, Capcom’s upcoming massive update for Monster Hunter Frontier G will have some brand spankin’ new Great Graphics—at least on the PC. Alongside that comes a little more information on what else the update will entail, via a recent video feature.


gg2 gg3

The biggest and most obvious change will  be the upgraded graphics. Take a look at the enhanced level of detail in the monsters and weaponry above. The backgrounds, too, look brighter, and there are even shadowing effects included now. The updated level of detail makes it feel like Capcom have gone over the game with a comb and went hey, let’s upscale everything! Again, Capcom have specifically said this is for the PC edition of the game, so it remains to be seen if consoles will get the same treatment.




The other major news is the addition of an entirely new class of weapons—what looks like a tonfa, although Capcom’s calling it the Senryuu Kon. This might be because the weapon, while short at first, has three different forms. The second and third form extend the tonfa further out behind you and lending it extra reach. There’s not much to go on beyond that but it looks like it’ll be able to both land multiple blows as part of its combo system, as well as block attacks quite easily from monsters. It’s also been noted that this is, if you squint, reflected in the new logo as well.



Another, final addition we currently know about is the news that Felynes will also now be able to tag along on your quests and hunt alongside you.


Monster Hunter Frontier G is out now on PC and consoles, with a Vita version planned for 2014. The GG update is set for spring 2014. Note that the game is a subscription-based MMO-esque affair, and not merely a multiplayer-focused game like the main Monster Hunter series.