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Monster Hunter Rise Concept Art Looks at Your First Armor


Capcom’s been sharing some Monster Hunter Rise concept art ever since the Nintendo Switch entry was announced. The latest round of images shared on Twitter takes a closer look at a player’s possible hunter. When you kick off any adventure, you’ll have a basic suit of starter armor to wear. Now, we have an image showing off Kamura Village’s finest threads.

Here’s a preliminary look at Monster Hunter Rise starter armor. The two images are identical, though the second one zooms in so you can see the kunai and other details on the upper half of the set.

monster hunter rise concept art armor 2

monster hunter rise concept art armor 2

This is one of many early looks at Monster Hunter Rise. First, there were some pictures of the place we’ll call home in the game, Kamura Village. (Those images also showed off the Shrine Ruins.)

After that, we saw the first bits of Monster Hunter Rise concept art. They were a look at Magnamalo, this installment’s flagship monster.

Since then, other tidbits have been shared. We know what the three amiibo, which are based on Magnamalo, the Palamute, and the Palico, will look like. We also got to see two of the monsters from the game, Arzuros and Tetranadon, fight each other.

Monster Hunter Rise is in development for the Nintendo Switch and will be released worldwide on March 26, 2021.

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