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Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest Gives Cohoot Sticker Set As Reward

Monster Hunter Rise Cohoot Event Quest

Capcom has added a new  Monster Hunter Rise event quest, rewarding players with Cohoot themed stickers upon defeating an Aknosom. Four new Cohoot stickers will be available after defeating the High-Rank Aknosom in the Frost Islands area. As with previous event quests, it is currently downloadable via Senri the Mailman.

Titled “Dancing Parasol, Snowy Breeze,” the quest is a fairly straightforward quest where players must hunt down an Aknosom. Unlike other High-Rank event quests, the level requirement is comparatively low at HR4. If players do not meet the level requirement, they can still download the quest from Senri the Mailman to complete once they reach HR4. Players can choose to capture or kill the umbrella-shaped wyvern for this quest.

To download the quest, go to Senri the Mailman in the Steelworks area of Kamura village, and go to the “Add-on Content” menu. From there, players can take on the quest by going to Minoto in the Gathering Hub in the “Event Quests” tab.

After defeating the Aknosom, players will receive four new stickers featuring the Cohoot hunting companion bird in various emotional states. Hunters can also customize these stickers by adding text to the speech bubbles. Additionally, a few of these stickers can be set to the player’s hotbar for easy access during quests or while in the multiplayer hub.

Last week, Capcom also added a new “Blowing a Kiss” gesture event quest which pit players against an Apex Arzuros. In addition to this week’s Cohoot event quest, it has consistently adde new cosmetics, emotes, stickers, and guild card titles to Monster Hunter Rise.

You can check out the new Cohoot stickers below:

Monster Hunter Rise Cohoot Event Quest

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. Capcom is also planning to release a PC port of the game sometime in 2022.

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