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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Quickly Raise Your Hunter Rank

Monster Hunter Rise How to Raise Hunter Rank

With the Monster Hunter Rise Version 2.0 update, the Hunter Rank cap has officially been lifted. And with it come some additional updates. Players will now be able to test their might against the Elder Dragons Teostra and Kushala Daora, among other monsters that have been added to the robust roster. However, in order to actually challenge them, players must increase their Hunter Rank in order to unlock the hunts associated with these monsters. This guide will provide some useful tips for helping players raise their Hunter Ranks quickly and efficiently so they can jump right into the new content.

How to Quickly Raise Your Monster Hunter Rise Hunter Rank

There are one of two ways to go about increasing your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Rise. Players can choose to take on standard hunts, which will raise their rank by one level per hunt. This means that if, for example, you select a quest where you hunt or capture a single monster, your level will increase by one. Your rank will also increase in multiplayer, so if you jump into a friend’s game or a random player’s, you will still be rewarded a Hunter Rank level up.

However, there is a more efficient way to increase your Hunter Rank and that is through Rampage Quests. Rampage Quests will increase your Hunter Rank by more than one rank. For example, Hunters who are Hunter Rank 13 will see their Hunter Rank jump up to Hunter Rank 17 by participating in Rampage Quests. The mileage may vary however, as Rampage quests do take a bit longer to complete as opposed to individual hunts. That being said, both of these options are available for players to increase their Hunter Rank at their own leisure.

Just starting out and wondering how to unlock weapon skills? We’ve written a guide breaking down them down. Additionally, if you’re entirely new to the franchise, we wrote a guide that contains some helpful tips for beginners.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for Nintendo Switch, with a PC version of the game scheduled for release in early 2022.

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