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Monster Hunter Rise: Tips for Beginners

Monster Hunter Rise Beginners Tips

Monster Hunter Rise offers a new series of challenges for new and veteran hunters alike. With the series returning to Nintendo consoles, there is no doubt Monster Hunter Rise will attract a new audience of hunters. And if you’re part of an entirely new generation of hunters ready to jump into the fray, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you’re looking for some beginners tips on how to best tackle Monster Hunter Rise, look no further. Below you’ll find some helpful advice to help carve down time spent gathering materials and more.

Capture Instead of Carve

The series may be called Monster Hunter, but that doesn’t mean you need to kill every creature you come across. While some drop rates for specific crafting materials may be higher while carving over capturing, capturing monsters is a more secure way to get more materials out of your run. Additionally, quest complete rewards will stack on top of capture rewards, which usually increase the total amount of rewards given. While you could carve a maximum of four times on a monster, depending on what kind of dango you’ve eaten, capturing is still more beneficial.

Capturing will also save you loads of time when farming materials for weapons and armor. You can craft capture items fairy early in the game, such as tranq bombs and traps. Remember, you only need to hit a monster with two tranq bombs while its in a trap to capture it. Keep in mind that in order to capture a monster, you’ll need to wear it down quite a bit. Oftentimes, your Palico will let you know when a monster is ready for capture. Keep an eye on their icon on the map, as once it starts flashing blue the monster is ready to be captured.

Experiment With Weapon Skills

Monster Hunter Rise features weapon skills, which can vastly change how you approach a hunt. Make sure to sit down and read over you weapon skills after unlocking them. Some of these skills will allow you to take on aerial monsters with ease, which can be absolutely vital for dual blade users for example. Other skills will help mitigate damage or even change how you maneuver around the area. Find whatever works best for you, or react situationally to a hunt and use those weapon skills to the best of your ability.

Check Out Your Tent

When heading off on a hunt, you’ll always have a tent in Area 1. The tent allows for players to react situationally to hunts, which is great! If you’ve forgotten to eat, you can head inside and grab yourself some dango. You can change up your weapon skills. Additionally, you can swap gear or even restock items you’ve used up on a hunt. Don’t be worried about jumping into a hunt unprepared. You can always head back to your tent to rearm yourself with anything you might need, or even change your weapon if you want.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginners Tips

Do Side Quests

Side quests are essential to gaining access to more dango or camp locations in Monster Hunter Rise. While they may seem menial at first, it’s important to take the time and complete some of them. Doing so will not only open up a few more food options, but even different kinds of weapons. You can pick up side quests from NPCs in Kamura Village, which will be indicated by a speech bubble above their head. There will be various colors of speech bubbles which include blue and yellow, which will signify what kind of quest you’ll be given or if an NPC will simply hand out a reward. This might seem like a fairly beginners tip in Monster Hunter Rise, but it’s definitely something you’ll want to do when these quests start popping up.

Do Rampage Quests

Rampage mode offers a unique tower defense style mini-game in Monster Hunter Rise. While this mode may not be appealing, these quests are essential to obtain Defender Tickets. These tickets can be used to slot in upgrades for weapons to increase their attack or affinity. If you’re looking to maximize your damage potential or even craft Rampage Weapons, you’ll want to invest some time into the Rampage Quests. That being said, once you have the right gear farming Low Rank Rampage Quests will be fairly fast and easy.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginners Tips

Upgrade Your Palico and Palamute Equipment

These furry friends are invaluable companions when playing alone. Make sure to upgrade their equipment whenever possible, as they’ll always provide great support during hunts. Additionally, you can recruit Palico to suit your needs depending on whether or not you want a Palico that slots into a more supportive role, or one focused on offense. You can head to the Buddy Area to speak to Iori to recruit Palico. But make sure you level them up and give them good enough gear to hold their own against the various monsters you’ll be taking on.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch.

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