Monster Hunter Rise OST is now Available to Stream on Spotify

Monster Hunter Rise OST

The Monster Hunter Rise OST is now available to stream through Spotify and other streaming platforms. This includes Apple Music and Amazon Music. A total of 109 songs are available to stream or purchase in a four disc digital collection. The Monster Hunter Rise OST will cost ¥4,500 or roughly $41. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

However, the songs are available to stream for free through the mentioned streaming platforms. That said, some tracks are inaccessible depending on your region. Additionally, this version of the Monster Hunter Rise OST features songs that were included in the Free Title Update Version 2.0. This includes the themes of the Kushala Daora and the Chameleos.

Other monster themes available on the soundtrack include “Spark of Blue – Zinogre,” and “The Beast Bares Its Fangs – Tigrex,” and “A Bewitching Dance – Mizutsune.” Additionally, a total of two versions of each theme are available. While some tracks are limited through Spotify, those with Amazon Music will have full access to the original soundtrack.

In early April 2021, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter Rise sales had surpassed 5 million units worldwide. Monster Hunter Rise is currently on its way to becoming Capcom’s best selling single platform title.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for Nintendo Switch. A PC version will release sometime in early 2022.

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