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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Brings Back the Double Furious Rajang Quest

Furious Rajang Event Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Capcom has added a new event quest to 

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, allowing players to fight against two Furious Rajang at once. The event quest will take place in the Arena, and reward players with layered armor. The Dual Threat: Revelry of Destruction event quest is available to all Sunbreak players for free.

The quest takes place within the limited space of the Arena and tasks hunters with juggling two monsters at once. A similar version of the quest appeared in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The quest series is infamous within the community for its high level of difficulty. As such, it’s recommended that players take advantage of the Arena’s temporary wall in order to segment the two Furious Rajang apart.

One of the key differences between the Iceborne and Sunbreak versions of the quest is in the completion rewards. In Iceborne, completing the quest rewarded players with the Buff Body layered armor set. Equipping the armor set would give players the appearance of a bodybuilder. In Sunbreak, however, the quest will award players with the Qurio Crown layered head armor. The Qurio Crown resembles the horns of the expansion’s flagship monster, Malzeno.

The new Furious Rajang quest is one of the first event quests to release for Sunbreak. The previous event quest involved a Blood Orange Bishaten and Aknosom, and rewarded players with the “It’s Over!” gestures. Furthermore, this followed the expansion’s first free title update, which added several monster variants including the Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos. The next free title update will arrive in Late September 2022 and add the Flaming Espinas.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is available on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch, and the Furious Rajang event quest is available for download via Senri the Mailman.

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