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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 3 Includes Gunlance Update

monster hunter rise sunbreak gunlance title update 3

There’s no exact update for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak free Title Update 3 yet beyond “late November 2022,” but we now know it will involve a gunlance update. Director Yoshitake Suzuki took to Twitter to discuss a new way to improve the weapon. Once the patch comes in, people can further update it in Qurious Crafting.

Qurious Crafting is the option for folks who are looking for new updates as they enter the post-game. Once the patch arrives, people can access a Shelling Level Boost. It will start out at level one, but people will be able access level six and seven boosts. 

Here’s the official announcement, which also shows a screenshot of the gunlance Shelling Level Boost section at the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Smithy.

Each Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak Title Update tends to offer updates to existing game elements and equipment. For example, the first one for Sunbreak added the new Qurious Crafting mechanic. This is what people will use to update their gunlances further in Title Update 3. It’s tied to the post-game Anomaly Research Quests and involves further customization of weapons and the ability to also add things like new skills.

Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak expansion are available for the Nintendo Switch and PC, and free Title Update 3 will appear in late November 2022.

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