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Monster Hunter: World PS4 Starter Pack, Controller, Keyboard, And Headset Revealed For Japan



Capcom revealed a Monster Hunter: World PS4 Starter Pack for Japan as well as a few other limited items including a special DualShock 4 controller, keyboard, headset, and more.



First, here’s a look at the PlayStation 4 Monster Hunter: World Starter Pack that comes  with a 500GB PS4 in Jet Black or Glacier White and the Monster Hunter: World software for 35,980 yen. These will be available in limited quantities when it releases on January 26.



A Monster Hunter: World Rathalos Edition DualShock 4 controller will also be available in limited quantities for 6,480 yen on January 26.



A Capcom x EPOS Visa card collaboration was also announced. These will be available starting January 26 and will come in Nergigante and Felyne design variations.



A collaboration with Elecom will bring a keyboard and two headsets for PS4. The keyboard will go for 2,080 yen plus tax. The monaural headset will go for 1,580 yen plus tax and the stereo headset for 2,580 yen plus tax.



We’ve previously seen several Monster Hunter collaboration glasses, and a new one was announced in collaboration with eyewear makers Alook. This time it’ll be supervised by art director Kaname Fujioka and will have an Elder Dragon theme. It is expected to be available starting Summer 2018. Its design and pricing will be revealed on a later date.


Monster Hunter: World releases on January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will arrive this fall. Capcom also revealed that there will be a third beta test with a Nergigante fight on January 19, Deviljho as its first free DLC monster, and shared its latest trailer featuring a bunch of new and familiar monsters.

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