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Monster Rancher 2 Port Will Include the PocketStation Mini-Game

Monster Rancher 2

More details on the upcoming Nintendo Switch and smartphone Monster Rancher 2 port have been released via the latest Famitsu. New details include the fact that the game will include the Sony PocketStation minigame that was only available using the peripheral, which could be used to earn extra rewards. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]

As previously stated, the Monster Rancher 2 port will function similarly to the port of the first game. You will be able to create monsters via a database, instead of using CDs, due to the lack of CD drives on the platforms. Additionally, fan feedback gathered from the last game and via Twitter will also be incorporated into the game. As for save data carryover from the first port, you’ll be able to reproduce slates and monsters if you read save data from the first game. That said, it has to be save data from the same platform as the prior entry.

However, one new inclusion to the Monster Rancher 2 port is the addition of the PocketStation minigame. It originally required you to connect the PocketStation to the game via the PlayStation. Essentially, you would download your favorite monster onto the device and have them perform part-time jobs for you. The gameplay is simple and requires players to match two numbers and press the right key depending on whether the two numbers add up to ten, are equal, or if one is larger than the other.

Monster Rancher 2 will release for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in Japan in Fall 2020. The game originally released for the PlayStation in February 1999. The game will cost 2,564 yen in Japan.

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