Monster Universe Will Be Available in Late January 2023

monster universe

Colopl’s new 3D action-RPG, Monster Universe, will come out in late January 2023. It will be available for mobile devices, as well as for Windows PC via Steam. You can breed, raise, and battle monsters in it. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The goal of the game is to raise monsters that are able to use a wide variety of different skills and use them to explore Fort Lemuria Island. You will fight against enemies “as one” with your monsters. In screenshots of the game, it shows the playable human characters fighting alongside the monsters they bred. While there are no concrete details on how the breeding mechanic will work, the developer announced you can make your monster and your friend’s monster mate.

As for the plot, you are trying to revive Volzark, which is a guardian dragon of a certain legendary island. The game will be free-to-play, though you can unlock more playable characters as paid DLC. Unlike FTP mobile games like Genshin Impact or Fate/Grand Order, you will immediately be able to play until the end of the main story in Monster Universe.

Colopl previously worked on Shironeko Project, and is the parent company of game developer Mages. Monster Universe is the very first multi-platform project that Colopl handled. According to Colopl, the development team put a lot of work into the system, and it was a challenging title to work on.

Monster Universe will come out for smartphones and Windows PC through Steam in late January 2023. English support for it will come out in a future update.

Stephanie Liu
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