Moriarty and Don Quixote Appear in Fate/Grand Order

fate/grand order moriarty don quixote

James Moriarty (Ruler), Don Quixote, and Zhang Jiao are now available in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order. This is the second banner for the Traum Lostbelt. Charlemagne and Kriemhild were the poster Servants for the first one. While Don Quixote and Zhang Jiao will be available even after the banner ends, Moriarty is limited. The banner will be available until June 15, 2022.

The Ruler version of Moriarty is younger than his Archer counterpart. Kento Itou (Hypnosis Mic) provides his voice. His Noble Phantasm, Mathematical Malignant Annihilate, deals extra damage against enemies with the Good alignment. It also seals their skills for a turn, and applies the Evil alignment for three turns.

Don Quixote (and Sancho) is an SR Lancer Servant. Her Noble Phantasm, Valiente Asalto Dedicado a la Princesa, is a single target anti-Giant Quick attack that deals 1000 damage to herself when she uses it. However, it will also increase the party’s attack for three turns. Nobuo Tobita voices Sancho while Satomi Arai voices Don Quixote. Tobita is known for his role as Kamille in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, while Arai voices Fa in the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation trilogy.

The final new Servant is Zhang Jiao, who hails from the Three Kingdoms era of China. Shigeru Chiba (Yu Yu Hakusho) provides his voice. His Noble Phantasm, The Blue Sky is Dead and the Yellow Sky Must Rise, deals damage and applies a situational debuff depending on the field. For example, if the field is by water, then it decreases the enemies’ Arts resist by 20%.

Fate/Grand Order is available on mobile devices, with Moriarty (Ruler), Don Quixote, and Zhang Jiao appearing in the Japanese version of the game. Their banner will end on June 15, 2022.

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