Mother 3 And Legend of Mana Makers Announce Egglia: Legend of the Red Hat For Smartphone



Brownies, known for their work on Mother 3, and the talent behind several Mana games, and more, is teaming up with’s PowerChord Studio for a new smartphone RPG, Egglia: Legend of the Red Hat. Here’s a look at its first screenshots and details from Famitsu.



The RPG is a tag-team title between Brownies and Powerchord Studios, and that tells the story of the strange fate of Chabo from the Red Cap Tribe and the young elf girl named Robin. It is described as having whimsical graphics that will stay in your heart, a robust story, and a simple yet in-depth battle system. The development is being led by the two Brownies founders and ex-Square artists Shinichi Kameoka and Kouji Tsuda who worked together on Heroes of Mana, Sword of mana, Legend of ManaSaGa Frontier, and more.


Brownies, not only worked on Fantasy Life, but also worked on titles such as the Magical Starsign series, Earthbound 3, Mother 3, Sword of Mana and numerous other titles during their days as Brownie Brown.


Here’s a look at the two protagonists:




One day, a young man suddenly fell from the skies in Egglia. He lost his memories, and while he is from the brutal Red Cap Tribe, he has broken horns and is gentle.




A young elf girl who aims for the revival of Egglia. She’s looking to find the truth behind why Chabo fell from the skies.


Next is a section that gives us steps on how you’ll unlock the sealed world:


Step 1 – Complete Quests and Acquire eggs


Upon meeting certain conditions such as developing the town, quests occur at the home base called “My Town.” After accepting a quest, you’ll gain experience points and rewards for clearing, and will acquire “Eggs” that contain parts of the sealed world. As you clear quests you’ll advance through the story that will show us how the world got sealed and more.


Step 2 – Unlock the World That is Sealed in the Eggs



Using the Eggs acquired from quests , you’ll get to place new areas on the world map. When an area is selected, the Egg revives a part of the world that was sealed, which increases the population of town as a merit, so you’ll want to keep unlocking more land as you go.


Step 3 – Explore the Fields


When exploring fields, you’ll roll a dice and travel according to the number that appears. If you land on a space where there’s a monster, battle occurs. The image  Again, shows how you’ll also use the dice to do damage in battle. If you land on a space adjacent to a tree, you can cut it down for items. You’ll continue working your way through areas like that, and clear it by reaching the goal.


Step 4 – Use Acquired Items to Expand Town


By using items acquired in the fields you can construct homes, make furniture, and more. By creating homes, you’ll get more characters show up to live in the town. Again, increasing the population further expands the town by starting new businesses with the addition of furniture stores, carpenter shops, and various other shops. You’ll also get to purchase items that will come in handy as you advance through the game.


Egglia: Legend of the Red Hat is in development for Android and iPhone. The game will be showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2016.

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