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Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Will Be A Cross-Buy Release In North America



Spike Chunsoft announced the North American release of Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics on the PlayStation Blog today. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game is a remake of Smoking Wolf’s Windows PC game One Way Heroics. When it comes to North America, purchasing one version will give you the second one for free.


In Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics, players control a hero who must save a world that’s about to end. This is an autoscrolling roguelike JRPG, forcing you to stay on the move. Too much time spent exploring can bring the Demon Lord’s wall of death on the lefthand side of the screen closer to you, ending your game. Should you fall in battle, the points and gear you earned will be stored in the Dream Vault. These can be used in a subsequent game to better equip your new hero and unlock additional classes, abilities and NPCs for him or her. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version includes classes inspired by Danganronpa and Shiren the Wanderer.


There’s also a social element to Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics. There’s a PvP mode, which will allow you to pit your hero or heroine against another player. Passwords can be collected and shared with other people to aid their progress. Also, it’s possible to show how you’re doing with a quick Twitter update.


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Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics will come to North American PlayStation 4s and PlayStation Vitas in summer 2016.

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