NEO TWEWY PC Release Date Set for September 2021

NEO TWEWY release date PC

Square Enix let slip the NEO TWEWY PC release date on its official website. There’s an image for the action-RPG on the page announcing the Epic Games Store pre-orders are open. While clicking it takes someone to a 404 page as of 10am ET on September 21, 2021, hovering over it does provide a release date. The game will apparently launch on the Epic Games Store on September 28, 2021. [Thanks, Mront on Reddit!]

Here’s a screenshot of the image showing the NEO TWEWY PC release date, in the event Square Enix changes the website.
NEO TWEWY Release date PC Epic Games Store

NEO TWEWY is the follow up to The World Ends with You. It once again features a cast of dead characters playing a Reaper’s Game in modern Japan, trying to get a wish granted and potentially return to life. Both new and returning characters appear. It first showed up on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 earlier in 2021. Square Enix promised a PC version would also be on the way, but didn’t pin down any exact release dates until now. Like many other recent Square Enix releases, like the Kingdom Hearts PC ports, it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

NEO The World Ends with You is available on the PS4 and Switch now. The NEO TWEWY PC release date is September 28, 2021.

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