Neon Genesis Evangelion Revisits Puzzle & Dragons


asukacardThere have been a number of Puzzle & Dragons collaborations over the years, which means the odds are good players perhaps missed a few in their time with the game. This is why Gungho Online Entertainment revisits the crossovers. As an example, from now until November 29, Neon Genesis Evangelion characters and their Evas are appearing in the game.


The Neon Genesis Evangelion and Puzzle & Dragons collaboration adds a themed dungeon, enemies, and an EVA-01 Rare Egg Machine. The dungeon has nine angels in it, and the Rare Egg machine includes characters like Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Soryu, and Rei Ayanami with their EVAs.


This iteration of the Puzzle & Dragons and Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration also includes Ultimate Evolutions and TAMADRAS. The Shinji & EVA Unit-01 can take on a First Awoken Form, Rei & EVA Unit-00 has a Core Fusion evolution, and Misato & AAA Wunder has a Main Battery Gunfire version. The TAMADRAS available are EVA Unit-01, EVA Unit-02, EVA Unit-13, and Misato.


dungeonboss dungeon2 shinjicard


Puzzle & Dragons is immediately available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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