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New Genshin Impact Comic Is All About Teyvat Fried Eggs

Genshin Impact Comic Fried Eggs

Paimon is back at it again, tormenting the main character in the weekly Genshin Impact comic. The newest four-panel style webcomic is about Stormterror and how Teyvat Fried Eggs do the heavy lifting. The game’s Twitter account released the officially localized entry in the series entitled, “Part 7 Encounter With Stormterror.”

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Part seven of the Genshin Impact comic series shows NPCs running in fear from Stormterror. The main character must then confront Stormterror with Paimon’s help–thankfully, she brought a bunch of Bird Eggs to cook up. Teyvat Fried Eggs are a food item that the player can cook from the start of the game. The savory breakfast items revive a fallen character and restore some HP, so theoretically, all players need to take down a Stormterror is patience and fried eggs.

Genshin Impact Comic 7 Stormterror

All of the Genshin Impact comics have been relatable, comedic four-panel graphics. Even passing fans of the game will find the situations humorous and almost fourth-wall-breaking. You can check out our previous coverage of Paimon and her horrible behavior here and here. Players can also look forward to the game’s 1.3 update pre-installation coming in early February.

Genshin Impact is available now on the PlayStation 4, PC, iOS devices, and Android devices. The developer will also release a Nintendo Switch version.

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