A New God Eater Console Game Is In The Works, More On God Eater Online



Bandai Namco recently announced God Eater Online, an upcoming MMO action smartphone game. Key developers had more to share in an interview featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The interview features producer Yusuke Tomizawa, director Hiroshi Yoshimura, producer Kensho Monden, along with Asobimo’s director Hiroo Hasegawa.


  • The thought of making a free-to-play God Eater game, and working it as an MMO, is an opportunity to increase the number of players.


  • Asobimo has experience in the field after having worked on Avabel Online.


  • You’ll still take on Aragami in the upcoming title. When a powerful enemy appears on the field, you can get help from other players and tag up by forming a party right then and there.


  • Similar to the previous God Eater games, you’ll get to do things such as use a step maneuver after attacking, or devour use devour combos. Those who’ve played past God Eater games won’t have trouble picking this one up.


  • The goal is to have up to 100 players on the field.


  • There’s a leveling system in God Eater Online. Using skill points from the levels you’ll increase stats. These will also have influence on various actions such as being able to use more items.


  • The game is set in the same time as previous God Eater games, not in a parallel world.


  • Story missions take about 10 minutes each. You’ll get to spend long periods of time in the MMO areas.


  • Story missions are single-player only, but NPCs can help out.


  • The goal is to put in all God Arcs and guns from the entire series.


  • A new God Eater game is in the works for console, but they can’t say much about it for now. Some sort of announcement might be made for it on September 17 at Tokyo Game Show 2016.


God Eater Online is in development for Android and iPhone.

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