PlayStation 4

New Guilty Gear Game To Be Playable On PS4 At ARC Revo America 2019 Finals On November 16-17



Following the announcement of a new Guilty Gear game development at EVO 2019 this weekend, Arc System Works revealed that the game will be playable at ARC Revo America 2019 World Tour Finals in November.


Based on the schedule, the new Guilty Gear game will be available as a free play title on PlayStation 4 at ARC Revo America 2019 on November 16 and November 17, 2019. While it was expected from the start, the PS4 has been confirmed as a platform for the new Guilty Gear game, but keep in mind that this only means that the demo will be available for PS4.


The new Guilty Gear game is expected to release  in 2020.

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