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New Gundam Breaker Shows Off Avalanche Exia Dash, Nightingale, And Atlas Gundam


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New information and screenshots were shown off for the recently announced Gunpla that will be appearing in New Gundam Breaker, specifically Nightingale, Avalanche Exia Dash, Atlas Gundam, and Star Burning Gundam. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


The new batch of information also introduced Shie Aida, the teacher who will watch over the protagonist in the story mode.


Shie Aida (CV: Maaya Uchida)

gunpla 5

A calm and collected teacher who seems downright passionless at times, but is actually kind and thoughtful. She also has a childish side to her that shows when it comes to Gunpla.



gunpla 6

gunpla 7 gunpla 8

gunpla 9 gunpla 10

gunpla 2


Apart from customizing various parts, and various accessories that can be added to the arms and legs, players can also set what BGM they would like to hear on the battlefield when setting up the model.



gunpla 3

gunpla 13 gunpla 14


Ptolemaios 2

gunpla 15

gunpla 16 gunpla 17


Gundam Avalanche Exia Dash

gunpla 18

gunpla 19



gunpla 20

gunpla 21


Star Burning Gundam

gunpla 22

gunpla 23


Atlas Gundam

gunpla 24

gunpla 25


New Gundam Breaker releases in Japan on June 21, 2018 for PlayStation 4. It releases in the Americas and Europe on June 22 for PS4 and PC. You can check out details on Efreet Custom, Psycommu Test Zaku II, and G-Self Perfect Pack in our previous report.

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