New Mega Man X: Corrupted Fan Gameplay Trailer Released

Mega Man X: Corrupted

JKB Games, the developer of the long-gestating fan game Mega Man X: Corrupted, dropped the most substantial gameplay footage yet. Over an hour of gameplay featuring the titular Maverick Hunter, X, was uploaded to the official JKB Games channel on January 2, 2023. The new trailer showed off the title screen, an intro stage, and various aspects of the game.

Check out the new Mega Man X: Corrupted gameplay trailer.

The Mega Man X: Corrupted gameplay trailer shows off multiple sections of footage starring X. One section debuts the title screen, along with the character select, and a gameplay sequence where X dives from mid-air, dons a set of armor, and fends off an attack on the Hunters Airship. Other footage demonstrates features like the Armor Capsule and Skill Tree systems for X, who can upgrade his abilities and X Buster. Traits that can be improved include the projectile speed and energy capacityof the X Buster. Armor upgrades include X’s dash distance and jump height. Boss fights against characters like Plasma Puffer and Warfare Milodon were also demoed. The last scene of the Mega Man X: Corrupted demo also introduced Riff, a dog character X meets and brings back to the Hunter Base.

Mega Man X: Corrupted has been in development since 2009, with no estimated release window. Developer JKB Games is led by developer John K. Bacchus. Though its mechanics borrow elements from all of the Mega Man X series games, its graphics are made using new tile-sets, and feature original enemies and levels. Both X and Zero are playable, with a third character not shown but confirmed to be Synthia, an original creation who normally acts as a Navigator at Hunter Base.

Mega Man X: Corrupted is in development for PC. When released, it will be made available to download for free.

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