Mega Man X: Corrupted Is Still In Development, Gets New Update Videos



Since it has been in development since 2009 you might have forgot all about the fan-made open world Mega Man game Mega Man X: Corrupted, but new update videos show that it’s still deep in development.


The first of these videos, which you can watch above, should ideally be watched in 60fps as it’s meant to showcase new physics and animations. “I just did a complete revamp on the physics and player animations to play more like the snes games, so I figured I would re-upload this stage video to show the difference and why not make it S Class this time around with FF active,” writes developer JKB Games.



This second video (above, top) simply shows off how Zero is looking and playing in the new engine with Viral Armor on. While the third video (above, bottom) shows off X in the Phoenix Armor. So, yes, the game will let you play as X and Zero, each with their own intro and opening stage, after which the world opens up with multiple paths that you can explore in a non-linear fashion.


There’s still no clue given as to how much of the game is complete and when it might be finished. When it is finished and released it will be available to download for free. All that is really known about the story is that it’s set after X5.


You can see the rest of the development videos that JKB Games has released over the past six years on the studio’s YouTube channel. More information on Mega Man X: Corruption can be found on its Facebook page as well as the fansite.

Chris Priestman