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New Nexomon Extinction Nexomons and Regions Introduced

nexomon extinction nexomons regions

Nexomon Extinction’s launch is sneaking up on people. But before yet another Pokemon-like appears, details about where people will go and which creatures they’ll see keep being revealed. The latest information dump involves two elements. One is a look at three more Nexomon Extinction Nexomon evolutionary lines. The other is a peek at three regions in the game which, coincidentally, are where the first-stages of those lines will all live.

First, here are the new Nexomon Extinction Nexomons that were revealed.

  • Cruff, a rare character that evolves into Croncho, then Domigator. Its signature move is Water Blast. It could be found in the Frozen Tundra.
  • Nekpanchi, a mega rare character that evolves into Nekgiri, then Felclaw. Its signature move is Fire Claw. Naturally, it lives in the fire region, New Ignitia.
  • Rust, an uncommon character that evolves into Rustu, then Rustung. Its signature move is Headbutt. It can be found in Solus Desert.

As you probably guessed from that prior section, the three new areas revealed are the Frozen Tundra, New Ignitia, and Solus Desert. The tundra is an area filled with water-type Nexomon and is both isolated and remote. There are ice caves and a cursed tower there. It also seems like it could be a late game area, since supposedly “only experienced tamers” are allowed in. New Ignitia is an underground, volcanic city with lots of lava pools. People can also find both fire Nexomon and mining spots down there. Finally, Solus Desert is a desert with with ortress, ruins, mineral Nexomon, and more mining opportunities.

Nexomon Extinction will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2020.

Jenni Lada
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