New Ys Game in Development Says Falcom President

New Ys Game

A new Ys game is in development according to Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo. In an interview, Kondo shared details about the title, including new gameplay elements that may potentially appear. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

In December 2020, Kondo revealed that Falcom was making preparations for the next Ys game. However, at the time he did not specify if it would be a remake of a past game or Ys X. That said, he has provided some information as to what direction consumers can expect the series to go with this next entry.

One of the points mentioned reveals that certain areas are being “reexamined.” Specifically, while the next Ys title will retain some of the core feelings of being a Ys game, there will potentially be some “Souls-like” elements to it. This includes more evenly paced one-on-one combat, where players will be able to watch and learn enemies’ movements and patterns.

And regarding what platforms the new Ys game could appear on, Kondo said this:

While we can’t say what platforms the game could appear on at this time, we would like a wide range of players to enjoy it. It will be released as we’re working on various platforms.

Additionally, he reveals that this next entry will provide something new, as the team believes that new gameplay elements will be vital for the series to move forward.

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