Nexon’s Dark Fantasy MMO Dark Blood Online Is Getting An Update



Another of Nexon’s free-to-play MMO action RPGs has just been updated. Called Dark Blood Online, it added the latest episodic content with its “Act IV” release. This raised the level cap, adding dungeons and more cards to the game.



The action MMORPG raises the level cap from 40 to 50, bringing new skills to the 18 different classes. The game has 6 base classes and 12 sub-classes.


Frozon_Highland_Boss_Low Necromancer_Fortress_5th_Low

To coincide with it there are 10 new dungeons in the Land of Death and the Frozen Highlands maps. Players can naturally craft better gear, magic stones or kill things for better loot. The fifth, and final, stage of the Necromancer castle is also finally available.


Finally, the card system has been updated with some 172 new cards with 50 effects. Players can collect illustration cards for every monster and NPC in the game, which also give the collector extra stats useful for bolstering in combat.


We haven’t heard much about this game, so if you’ve tried it let us know how it is in the comments!


Dark Blood Online is out now on PC.