Next Build-a-Bear Eevee Evolutions Plush is Glaceon

Next Build-a-Bear Eevee Evolutions Plush is Glaceon

Build-a-Bear announced Glaceon is its latest Pokemon Eevee evolutions plush. It is now immediately available to purchase in North America and Europe. This means people who head to the US or UK site can pick a bundle up. It costs $65/£50 for the stuffed animal with a sound chip and clothing.

The Glaceon is a foot tall stuffed animal. It normally costs $40/£30 on its own. In the bundle, it includes a five-in-one sound chip. People also get a matching Glaceon Cape and Sleeper for it to wear. Each of those clothing items would normally cost $12.50/£10 if available outside of this bundle. Note that the sound chips can be online-exclusives. So if you purchase one in a store, it might not be available.

Here’s a closer look at the fully decked out Glaceon plush.
Build a Bear Glaceon Appears

This means only two Build-a-Bear Eevee evolutions remain. Leafeon and Sylveon still didn’t appear. Since the retailer appears to be going in order, Leafeon would be next. Prior to Glaceon, Espeon and Umbreon showed up. Each of them appeared in August 2021.

While the Eevee evolutions line is a continuing one at Build-a-Bear, it’s released plenty of other Pokemon. For example, ahead of Halloween 2021, it offered Gengar. It’s also sold starters like Charmander and Scorbunny.

The Build-a-Bear Glaceon is now available.

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