Next FFVII The First Soldier Turks Outfit is Based on Rude

Next FFVII The First Soldier Turks Outfit is Rude

Another Turks look is in the FFVII The First Soldier shop. The game’s cosmetic options means outfits inspired by certain characters or groups shows up from time to time. The latest is a pack that gives people FFVII Remake-inspired Rude attire.

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The Rude FF7R FFVII The First Soldier bundle costs 1,800 Shinra Credits. To offer an idea of how much it costs, a 1,300 Shinra Credits bundle costs $9.99. This gives you his suit and sunglasses. While both male and female characters can use the suit and glasses, the full and identical Rude look is only available to people with the male body type avatar.

This marks a return of multiple Turks items to FFVII The First Soldier. The Reno outfit and generic Turks suit both appeared after the game launched in November 2021. They are both back alongside the Rude outfit. People can also get the Reno Electro-mag Rod-theme weapon skin and Rod Shoulder Pat emote.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. The Rude FFVII The First Soldier outfit will be available in the shop until January 25, 2022.

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