Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Is A Mobile MMO With Real-Time Action, PvP, Familiars, And Kingdom-Building


Netmarble recently announced that they’re working on a new Ni no Kuni mobile MMORPG and it’s been revealed as Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. Here’s its first trailer, screenshots, and game details.

No no Kuni: Cross Worlds is developed by Netmarble as a new adventure set in a “Ni no Kuni” from another world. Featuring numerous songs that have made the Ni no Kuni series, the game is made to make you feel like you’re going on an animated adventure. Its staff consists of developers that worked on Lineage 2: Revolution, and the game is developed on Unreal Engine 4.

The combat is described as a real-time hack-and-slash with five character classes: Witch, Swordman, Rogue, Engineer, and Destroyer.

It features PvE elements which revolves around the main quests, Tsubakuro Company requests, special dungeons, and more. The PvP parts include different kinds of battles such as the Warriors Battlegrounds, Sky Island Scuffles, Kingdom Battles, Kingdom Invasions, Relic Battlefields, battle for the throne, and expeditions for familiars (PvP).


As for the story, the protagonist is a beta tester for “Project N,” a virtual reality game developed by a big company called “Mirai Company” in the world of Ichi no Kuni. The in-game world of Project N is called “Ni no Kuni.” The protagonist faces “Revant” who led his monster army into attacking the “Nameless Kingdom.”

The protagonist works together with the queen of the kingdom named Sia to fight the monsters, but Revant is far too powerful, leading the queen into opening a dimensional portal to help the protagonist and the fairy Kuu escape.

The protagonist and Kuu find themselves near Evermore and set off on an adventure to find Queen Sia and rebuild Nameless Kingdom. However, little do they know that they’re actually in another world called Ni no Kuni.

Character Classes

As for character classes, they offer their own unique styles of fighting enemies. Here’s a quick look:


A bow-user with swift movement and the ability to pierce through enemies.Using buffs they can provide support for the allies.


A warrior with the ability to land powerful attacks using a giant hammer. They’re tanks with various defensive skills.


A mage that uses a floating spear. This versatile character class has numerous skills that include debuff attacks, invulnerability, and more.


A gunner that specializes in long-ranged attacks using a rifle. They’re healers with the ability to cure nearby allies.


A swordsman that prides themselves in their exhilarating attacks. They’re tanks/support characters with the ability to debuff enemies to reduce their damage to your allies.


The familiars are there to help you on the journey with over 100 different kinds out there in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. They come with their own attribute, type, and personality. They also have unique skills that you can use strategically on the battlefield.

Build and Develop Your Own Kingdom

The core of the game is the community feature called “Kingdom.” Together with guild members, you’ll develop your own kingdom. You’ll get to build a bond with guild members while taking on other kingdoms.

You can develop your Kingdom using resources acquired through battle, exploration, and requests. You get new functional development or level up by adding buildings to the Kingdom, and you’ll also get to customize its appearances.

The ultimate goal for your Kingdom is to make it into a “Capital” by simply winning PvP throne battles. Kingdoms that acquire Capital status gain great authority and will get to decide on events that take place in the Capital. These events have a big effect on other participating players.

Make Your Own Way to Play

In order to expand on player communication, the developers are working on different content that’ll allow players to create their own way of playing.

There are various objects on the field ranging from wood, rocks, and animals, and you’ll get to pick them up and move things around. You can also find a bunch of lamb to collect and toss them in your Kingdom. That means you can also steal lamb from other guilds’ Kingdoms.

The game offers all kinds of objects like these. This creates opportunities for players to go up against each other or simply enjoy various forms of communication.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds releases for iOS and Android in Japan in the second half of 2020.

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