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NieR: Automata Battle System Relies On Light And Heavy Attack Combos




Like the original NieR, NieR: Automata is going to have an active battle system. Famitsu has put together an update going over the importance of combos in such a system, as well as the different kind of weapons YoRHA No. 2 Model B will use to execute such attacks.


When roaming around NieR: Automata’s earth, YoRHA No. 2 Model B may stumble across enemies. If she’s far away from them, she can initiate an attack by using her Pod to shoot opponents. The L2 trigger locks onto a target, while R1 shoots. These Pods can be upgraded. If she’s closer, she can begin close range attacks. Combos are used to assault enemies and are made up of light attacks, triggered by pressing the square button, and heavy attacks tied to the triangle button. She can also dodge and dash away from an enemy by pressing the R2 trigger and a directional button.


The strength and force of these light and heavy attacks varies depending on YoRHA No. 2 Model B’s equipment. She can use the balanced one-handed sword, for one. She can also equip melee weapons like fists, which are best one-on-one, have a small range, and the quickest attacks. There are also two-handed swords, which are large, strong, and have the best range, but are very slow.


Famitsu also offered more information on NieR: Automata’s Auto Mode. When playing on the easiest difficulty level, you can choose if Auto Mode kicks in to help you fight YoRHA No. 2 Model B’s battles. You can choose if and when it kicks in, with some settings only having the game evade for you, use Pod ranged attacks for you, and/or handling hand-to-hand attacks. People using Auto Mode will still need to move YoRHA No. 2 Model B around during a fight.


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NieR: Automata will come to Japanese PlayStation 4s on February 23, 2016. It will appear on North American and European PlayStation 4s and PCs in 2017.

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