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NieR: Automata Is Getting PS4 Pro Support, Here’s A Comparison And New Footage



Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito and PlatinumGames producer Eijiro Nishimura shared the latest on NieR: Automata during a recent Dengeki live stream, where they discussed the action RPG’s PS4 Pro support. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]



The above is a comparison screenshot between PS4 and PS4 Pro. The PS4 version has a resolution of 1600×900 while the PS4 Pro’s is at 1920×1080. As you may have noticed, the PS4 Pro version comes with motion blur to give the action a smoother and refreshing feeling to it.



The PS4 Pro version will also show things such as visible dust in the air when looking through sunshine filtered through foliage. The lines used for the lighting are also sharper.



Shadows are also more detailed for the PlayStation 4 Pro, as seen in the above image.


Again, NieR: Automata’s Final Fantasy XV collaboration weapon “Engine Blade” will come with its own Weapon Story. Yosuke Saito calls it “Final Fantasy XV as written by Yoko Taro.”


Finally, here’s a look at a couple new gameplay videos from the stream:




NieR: Automata releases in Japan on February 23, North America on March 7, and Europe on March 10, 2017 for PlayStation 4. The PC version will be available sometime in 2017.

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