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Nights of Azure 2 Reintroduces Arnice And Christophorus, More On System Details



Gust recently revealed that Nights of Azure protagonist Arnice will return in the sequel alongside Christophorus. Here are the latest details and screenshots for the two, along with some new info.


Arnice (CV: MAO)


The half-demon girl, Arnice, who once ruled demons as the “Nightlord,” and continued the long fight for the sake of mankind. She shows up in front of Alushe with her overwhelming Nightlord powers.



The above image shows Arnice dressed in blue clothing that looks as if it were dyed by demon blood. She’s also shown wielding a great sword.


Christophorus (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa)


A high class demon known as a “pure blood demon” among the other demons. She shows interest in Alushe, and continues appearing whenever something happens. While she does keep showing up in front of Alushe and the others, Christophorus seems to be looking for something but her objective remains unknown.



Alushe is a bit cautious about her sudden appearances, but Christophorus doesn’t seem to mind as if she sticks around for casual chats.



When Alushe finds herself in a pinch, the Lily partner can activate a special skill. Once per battle, when Alushe is incapacitated in battle, LIliana can use a special skill called “Petition of the Ceiling” to bring her back up. Additionally, the special skill stops time to her surrounding.



In addition to the special Lily skills, there are more that you can do with the Lilys, such as Lily field actions. For example, when you find yourself in an area that is difficult to move around in, Alushe can carry the Lily to make things easier. And of course we’ll see different kinds of actions such as this, depending on the Lily.



Camilla’s “Lily Burst” is a powerful attack that works in cooperation with Alushe. The attack might be narrow but it makes up for it with it being a powerful strike.



Liliana brings down a pillar of light to take out surrounding demons with her Lily Burst. When pulling off this ability, Alushe confines the demons while Liliana chants the holy words.




Alushe acquires “Blood” by defeating demons, and it’s used to level her up. Again, by using “Ability Points” acquired from battle, she can learn various abilities. The above image shows the ability tree used to unlock new abilities.



“Kaede” is a puppet Tricker Servant that works with spirits. She’s able to command her demons to perform long-ranged attacks. She has useful support skills, such as the ability to stop enemy movements.



And finally, the above is a look at the Premium Box edition’s illustration.


Nights of Azure 2 releases in February 2017 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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