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Nights of Azure 2 Shares More On Battle Features And The Drama Between The Three Heroines



Gust updated the official website of Nights of Azure 2, with another look at the game’s three heroines, along with some battle details on the “Lily” partners you’ll have in battle.


While hostile against each other, Alushe and Louenhide have mutual respect for each other. Meanwhile, Liliana keeps the pressure of being a shrine maiden to herself. As the three characters with different perspectives reunite, things are just about to get even more complicated between the trio.



Louenhide is shown grabbing Alushe by the arm as a way to keep her attitude in check, as the two remain silent with the sudden approach.



Liliana keeps the pressure of being a shrine maiden to herself. Knowing better, Louenhind kindly asks her if she’d like to talk about it.



In Nights of Azure 2, you’ll play as Alushe and get to pick a partner “Lily” to fight against demons. Both Liliana and Louenhide can also fight by your side as a Lily.



A Lily’s battle style varies according to their characteristics, and the way you fight demons greatly changes depending on which Lily you choose to have by your side. For example, a support-type Lily will help you go into battle with stability. Meanwhile, a Lily with high attack power will make it easier to plow through demons with ease.



Alushe and Louenhide might not get along at all times, but they se their differences aside during battle. This includes the Special Skills that activate while in a pinch, or a cooperative skill called “Double Chase.” There are unique Special Skills and Double Chase abilities for each Lily.



For example, Louenhide’s Double Chase pulls off a spin attack from her and Alushe that takes out all surrounding demons.



Louenhide also has a Special Skill called “Cover,” which lets her take damage for Alushe. This will come in handy while taking on powerful enemies.


Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon releases in Japan on December 22, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game is also headed Westward.

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