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NiGHTs PS2 is Japan only…so far





    Those of you hoping to see the PS2 revamped version of NiGHTs Into Dreams grace U.S. shores might be a bit disappointed or just really angry. In a recent exclusive interview with Takashi Iizuka, Sega Nerds posed the question about whether or not the PS2 remake would see a worldwide release to which Iizuka answered 


    There are currently no plans for the PS2 version to be released outside of Japan, and no plans for a Wii version either.


    It is being released in Japan, due to the high demand for the game. So there are no plans for a worldwide release… so far.


    If you're an importer, this news shouldn't really bother you; but to the many of you who missed out on the Sega Saturn version and were hoping the remake would be released here in the U.S. on either the PS2 or Wii, you may either have to wait a while, import the game, or just borrow a friend's Sega Saturn and his copy of NiGHTs Into Dreams


    I think what surprises me the most is that there was a huge demand for the game in Japan. If Japan demands Shining Force III, will Sega listen? Here's hoping!


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