Ninian, Karel, Priscilla, Jaffar, Rebecca, And Lucius Added To Fire Emblem Heroes



Fire Emblem Heroes has added the strategy game’s newest Heroes with Ninian, Karel, Priscilla, Jaffar, Rebecca, and Lucius in the latest update as well as new Paralogue Maps and related special quests.


Here are the characters with info on their voice talents and artwork:

  • Karel (CV: Bryce Papenbrook, Artist: Kita Senri)
  • Rebecca (CV: Hunter MacKenzie Austin, Artist: Hoshino Lily)
  • Jaffar (CV: Walden James, Artist: Kusugi Toku)
  • Lucius (CV: Michael Sinterniklaas,Artist: Itagaki Hako)
  • Priscilla (CV: Marcella Lentz-Pope, Artist: kaya8)
  • Ninian )CV: Brianna Knickerbocker, Artist Kippu)


The Paralogue Maps: Blazing Shadows as well its Special Quests are available as well. The New Heroes: Blazing Shadows Summoning Event will carry on through March 30, 2017.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iPhone and Android.

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