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Ninja Box Has All Kinds Of Different Ninjas With Sandbox And Defense Elements



Bandai Namco is working on a new “super large-scale crafting” game called Ninja Box featuring the likes of Tonkachi the video-uploading ninja and Hiroto the normal boy. Here’s a look at more with new screenshots.


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As previously detailed, Ninja Box lets you build anything from giant treehouses to personal rooms with your favorite things. You can also branch out to make labyrinth-like fortresses.



By gathering material you’ll get to craft various parts and traps.



When enemies come to attack your fortress, you can use traps to take them out.



There are all kinds of unique Ninjas in the game, such as “Dash Rangou.”


Here’s another look at the two main characters:





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This is Tonkachi, a ninja from Tatemakuri Village who is always in a festive mood. He has a smartphone on his forehead which he uses to upload videos that aren’t very popular, but he always tries to think of ways to increase his view count. The hammer he holds is actually a high-tech item.




Everything about Hiroto is as normie as it gets. He has normal grades, normal in sports,  and is basically an exceptionally normal fifth grader.



However, he does have the biggest reactions. He meets Tonkachi and gets caught up building a base together.


Ninja Box is in development for Nintendo Switch.

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