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Nintendo Releases Splatoon 2 Recording Session Video For Splatune 2 Release


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Splatune 2, the soundtrack release for Splatoon 2, is releasing this week on November 29 in Japan, and Nintendo of Japan’s Youtube channel uploaded a recording session video showing off how the music for the various modes were created.


A bunch of other info about the fictional bands behind Splatoon 2’s new updated music were revealed on the official Tumblr page for the Squid Research Lab:


Ink Theory

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“Discerning Inklings can’t stop talking about the band Ink Theory. This classically trained, all-female 6-piece band creates jazz and samba-inspired battle music. They owe their unique sound to a blend of academic music theory and modern sensibilities. Ink Theory’s eclectic approach makes them quite popular with young Inklings and middle-aged Inklings alike.”


Bottom Feeders

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“A new band called the Bottom Feeders has been tearing up the Inkopolis charts lately. The band is fronted by a tropical-betta-fish violinist, features vocals by a dude made of seaweed, and also includes a shark, a scallop, and a globefish. Their unforgiving yet catchy music style is the product of fusing ancient Celtic sea shanties with punk rock.”


Finally, Splatoon 2’s Japanese Twitter account tweeted out the people behind the music of the game, including the voices behind the Squid Sisters and Off The Hook.


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Callie is voiced by keity.pop, Marie is voiced by Mari Kikuma, Pearl is voiced by Rina Itou, and Marina is voiced by Alice.


Splatoon 2 is currently available for Nintendo Switch, and the Splatune 2 soundtrack will release on November 29, 2017. Stay off the hook!

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