Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Event: Hands On With ARMS



There were two games on hand to looked engineer to sell the system that it’s one, and ARMS was one of them, with 1-2 Switch being the other. Whereas 1-2 Switch may ultimately become the Switch’s equivalent to Wii Sports in terms of appealing to the desired demographics, ARMS simply feels the most like the Boxing game packed in with the Wii.


Punching is mostly achieved by moving one’s hands in a similar fashion, with the position of fists contributing towards techniques, such as character movement, blocking, and even the direction of blows. Buttons are added to mix, to allow for jumping and dashing. Again, it’s closest equivalent is Wii Boxing, though the variety of movement gives it a certain, Virtual On flair. Perhaps due to the extremely colorful character designs, though the comparison that most will make, that being with Overwatch, is still apt.




Controls were very responsive and require a certain amount of thought, so just waiving your hands in the air will not work. Which means casual gamers might not have it as easy, or at the very least, should be play with those with comparable skill sets.

Matt Hawkins