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Nintendo Switch OLED Model Will Come With Improved Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-Con

The upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED model will feature improved Joy-Con controllers with more durable analog sticks. According to the latest Ask the Developer interview, currently manufactured Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles already have the improved Joy-Con controllers. However, Nintendo adds that component wear is unavoidable as long as parts are coming into contact.

Joy-Cons have been a major pain point for the Nintendo Switch due to their notoriously poor durability. Analog stick drift became such a widespread issue that a class action lawsuit was filed in Quebec, Canada earlier this year.

Nintendo previously stated that the OLED model would not come with new features. However, Deputy General Manager Toru Yamashita clarifies that the upcoming model will feature the latest version of Joy-Cons. Yamashita adds that the company has continuously improved the controller’s analog sticks since the Switch’s launch. Senior executive Ko Shiota reveals that the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles currently manufactured have these improvements implemented already.

Shiota does mention one caveat, however. As with car tires, wear will be unavoidable as long as parts come into contact. Shiota states that the development team is continuously working to improve durability while also maintaining operability. Nintendo is also investigating used controllers in order to improve wear resistance as well as improving its reliability testing. Finally, Shiota believes that when it comes to improvements, Nintendo has listened closely to its customer’s opinions.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will launch on October 8, 2021, on the same day as the release of Metroid Dread.

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