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Noctis’ Cup Noodle Hat From Parody Trailer Is Actually Being Made Into A Final Fantasy XV DLC



Remember that amazing parody trailer for Final Fantasy XV by Nissin’s Cup Noodles? Well that Cup Noodle hat that Noctis is wearing is actually going to be available in the game via DLC.


The information comes from Nissin’s official website, where we got to see the set of 15 Cup Noodles themed after various boss characters from the Final Fantasy series. The pricy 6,048 yen set for 15 Cup Noodle packs will also give 30 lucky winners a sweet “Ultima Weapon Fork” that we previously saw, but all purchasers will get the DLC code for Noctis’ Cup Noodle hat.


Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Final Fantasy 30th anniversary Cup Noodles set is also available for purchase here.

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