I’d never had a game actually induce hunger in my stomach before, but like they say, there’s a first time for everything. Behold, Sushi Cat, developed by Armor Games…a hunger-inducing, productivity-sucking beast of a web game.


Sushi Cat, recommended to me by a friend, is evil. Don’t play it at work because it’ll make you while away an entire hour without even realizing it. And don’t play it if you know breakfast / lunch / dinner is far off because it’ll make your tummy rumble something fierce.


So, what exactly is Sushi Cat? It’s sort of like Peggle, played with a big blue cat that…seems to be a bit of an otaku, considering that he’s hanging out with what looks either like a female kitty dakimakura (body pillow) or — more disturbingly — his dead wife. The former seems more likely. I think.


The full game is available for the iPhone for $0.99 or you can try the free web-based demo version here.


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