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Nussoft’s Fight Crab Is A 3D Crab Fighting Action Game Using Shurikens And Chainsaws


fight crab

Nussoft, the creators of the Neo Aquarium series including Ace of Seafood, are bringing their latest game to the Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con functionality. Titled Fight Crab (a pun on Fight Club, and not Crab Battle as previously reported), the game has various crustaceans fight each other using shurikens, swords and shields, chainsaws, and generally everything but their pincers.


The goal of the game is to flip your opponent over and have them stay that way for several seconds. By attacking the enemy, you bring up their damage percentage, which makes them easier to flip over. The Nintendo Switch version will let you use the Joy-Cons in order to control each claw.


Check out the game’s latest trailer, as introduced via Nintendo’sIndie World’ video:


Fight Crab is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2019.

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