Okami Slippers Look Like Amaterasu and Issun

Okami Amaterasu slippers

Capcom will start selling Okami Amaterasu slippers starting November 11, 2021. They will appear in Capcom Store Tokyo and Capcom Store Osaka. Each pair will cost 3080 JPY, which is approximately $27.15. They’re around 25 centimeters in length. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The Okami slippers are in the shape of Amaterasu, and you can see a little Issun resting on her head. Since they are soft to the touch and fluffy on the insides, they are good for the colder weather, which matches the late autumn release date. The reason why the Amaterasu slippers will come out on November 11 (11/11)? It’s because the number one sounds like the Japanese equivalent of the word “doggy.” Hence, November 11 is often referred to as Doggy Day.

Aside from the slippers, Capcom Stores also have pen cases and card holders depicting Amaterasu from Okami. Merchandise from franchises such as Sengoku Basara, Devil May Cry, and the Monster Hunter series are available for purchase in the physical Capcom Stores. According to the website, however, there is a chance that limited merchandise such as the slippers may appear online in the future.

The Okami Amaterasu slippers will appear in Capcom Store Tokyo and Capcom Store Osaka from November 11, 2021 for 3080 JPY. Pre-orders for the U-Treasure Amaterasu necklace and the Shiranui Nendoroids from Good Smile Company closed in October 2021.

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