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Onechanbara Origin Trailer Shows Comparisons With The Original Games


D3 Publisher released a new trailer for Onechanbara Origin that shows character and action comparisons from the original games.

In the trailer we get to see a closer look at what’s new for Onechanbara Origin. In addition to new features, we get a closer look at new appearances for Aya, Saki, and more. We also get to see more from the new character Rei.

The trailer shows comparisons between Onechanbara Origin and the two original games in Onechanbara which released in 2004 and its 2005 follow-up Onechanbara 2.

Onechanbara Origin
releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 5, 2019. Check our previous report for a look at some of its silly D3P Web Shop-exclusive weapons. You can also learn more about the new “Trance Mode” that goes beyond Berserk Mode here.

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