The age-old debate of which would win in a fight, magic or machinery, might get answered in Black Gold. It’s a new online RPG that entered open beta on June 20th.



Two big factions are fighting it out: The human Kingdom of Isenhorst and their metal-clad war mechs, against the magical Erlandir Union.  You pick from one of the two factions and class, such as Punisher, Spellsword or Conjurer, and throw in to the fight.



Two big things about Black Gold. First, the game will feature a “Chambers of Greed” system. Around the game world, certain places will sport dungeons where greed has taken ahold. Here, players from either your faction or the enemy can zone in as well, and then hunt you down while prowling the halls for treasure. They’ll even get a piece of loot stolen from your body should you lose. The draw of course, is that these places hold amazing, rare loot found nowhere else.


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The other is territory control. Massive “Energy Wells” exist scattered around the world. Acting as a sort of region hook, these can be controlled by player guilds. This lasts only a week, however, before the area comes back under contest. Whichever side won gets to play defense, while the other side attempts to wrest control of the area and its resources. Winning sides can expect to have access to special NPCs, items, mounts and more otherwise unattainable.



Okay, come on, it’s guns versus bows. We all know who’s going to win that one, right? RIGHT?


Black Gold is currently in open beta.


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