Oppan Panda Style



Finger Fighter’s premise of putting two characters on the screen and having them fireball, cyber blast and otherwise beat each other to death is fine in and of itself. So’s the suspicious playable panda character who mimics Korean megastar Psy. But then, we come to the math.


Yeah, math. This side-action fighting game’s main gimmick is that players have to solve math questions during the heat of battle. Some are pretty easy, others are toughies, but you need to solve them both before the time runs out or your opponent solves theirs first.



Each cute character can level up separately, and come with their own move sets such as the panda’s fart-hadoukens, or the Iron-man kitty cat in a robot.


Finger Fighter also requires Kakao—a chat messenger similar to WhatsApp or Line—to log in with.