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Origin Armor Set Added to Monster Hunter Rise on Switch

Monster Hunter Rise Origin Armor

Capcom is bringing back the Origin armor set to Monster Hunter Rise. Players can craft the layered armor set by completing the new “A Good Old-Fashioned Rampage” event quest. The event quest is only available on the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Additionally, Capcom is also providing players with free guild items.

The Origin armor set is actually based on an older version of the Hunter’s Armor that appeared in the first Monster Hunter title. Subsequent releases of the game continued to use the same design with slight variations. In Monster Hunter World, however, Capcom replaced the original Hunter’s Armor design with a new one. Later, Capcom brought back the armor set as a pre-order bonus under the new “Origin Armor” name.

Players can craft the layered armor set by completing the new rampage event quest. You can download the rampage event quest by talking to Senri the Mailman in the Steelworks area of Kamura village. Furthermore, Senri the Mailman will also provide players with the free guild provision items listed below:

  • Max Potion x 30
  • Ancient Potion x 20
  • Heavy Armor Sphere x 10
  • Lazurite Jewel x 20
  • Golden Egg x 5

Capcom has been adding lots of armor sets from previous titles over the past few months. This includes the Azure Age, Orion, and Guild Cross armor sets from Monster Hunter World. The Guild Cross armor set, in particular, will help players get through the game’s early quests with useful skills and stats.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for PC and Nintendo Switch, but the Origin armor set will only be available on Switch for the time being. The upcoming Sunbreak expansion will launch in Summer 2022.

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